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Limbad sewing Co. is actually a small scale unit of assembling and manufacturing sewing machines for domestic, professional tailors and garments industries. Company was established in 1950s by Mistry Tapubhai Gordhandas Limbad with his brothers Mistry Prurshotamdas & Bhagavanjidas. They have experience of repairing sewing machines, musical instruments, reproduction of parts, molding, casting, turning, drilling and carpentering.Company’s monopoly about the mechanism is timing in rotation of parts to produces tight loop and strong stitch form its products. DHORAJI LIMBAD brand sewing machine is a very popular among the tailoring workers in KATHIWAR (saurashtra) and GUJARAT because of its punctual mechanism, and great responses of the users. LIMBAD SEWING MACHINE Co. is the only a local company which provides one or two years warranty on their product.By the time company expand their product range by launching India’s first gear type ZIGZAG machine with three and five needles under the brand name ‘DHORAJI OSAM’. This brand also have traditional chain type Zigzag machine.For speed and time saving purpose to customers, company started reselling electrical attachments like bushing type, barring type and clutch type motors with regulator as a external equipment to sewing machine.Today company had three brand names: ‘DHORAJI LIMBAD’,’DHORAJI OSAM’, and ‘OSAKO’, with range of traditional sewing machines along with imported hi-speed auto oil sewing machines, interlock machine, leather stitch machine to fulfill requirements of garment industries, leather and tailoring workers.


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